“PDI” refers to the “Post Delivery Inspection” process you are going to carry out when you receive your product from Venom MOTOR SPORTS. The following is a set of recommended guidelines for you to follow as you complete your own “PDI” and setup for your PRODUCT.

  • Remove unit from factory crating, and inspect for any visual damage immediately upon removal. If any damage is present, inform Venom Motorsports immediately with the VIN number of the affected unit.
  • Prior to assembling the product, completely inspect all nuts, bolts and fasteners to ensure that all factory assembled parts are in fact correctly assembled and secure.
  • Visually inspect all wiring and wiring connections to ensure that all connections are secure and intact with no loose or disconnected wiring.
  • Assemble all front end steering and suspension components, ensure all fasteners are tight and secure.
  • Assembly of the Handle Bars is critical for safety and therefore care and attention should be taken to ensure that handle bars are correctly aligned and secured.
  • Assemble all rear end suspension components and ensure that all fasteners are tight and secure.
  • When installing rims and tires on the front end, ensure that the front wheel hub is completely seated onto the front brake assembly and lined up properly. Take care to ensure that no lubricants or oil come in contact with the brake disc.
  • On rear axles ensure that lubricant is applied on the rear wheel axle drive gear to provide lasting lubrication. This will allow for easy removal of rear wheels for maintenance purposes in the future.
  • Install the battery once fully charged, into the battery tray and ensure that provided straps are used to secure the battery in place.
  • Before starting your bike ensure that the motor oil level is reading full.
  • Upon first start up of the machine, listen for any abnormal sounds or vibrations. Should you hear any abnormal sounds or vibrations turn the engine off and contact Venom Motor Sports immediately.
  • Run the engine to normal operating temperature and adjust the carburetor idle speed screw as required to ensure that the engine runs smoothly.
  • The bike is now ready for the “break in period”. Ride the bike gently for the first 25 hours of operation to allow mating parts to wear into each other. Speed up and gear down slowly. Never hold a constant speed for an extended period of time. Most important!!! Do not drive the bike at high speed, full out speed is not recommended until the engine is broken in.
  • After riding your new vehicle for 5 hours change the lubricating oil. Use the Amsoil lubricating oil product recommend for your bike. 10W-40 Synthetic Metric Motorcycle oil from Amsoil for your bike and 10W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV engine oil from Amsoil for your ATV/UTV. You can purchase Amsoil products online from our
  • Should you have any questions or concerns please contact our technical support team via email or by calling 1-855-984-1612.