Venom Pro | 1600W Electric Dirt Bike | 48V | Lithium $1,599.99 $1,799.99
VENOM PRO ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE | 48V LITHIUM | 1600W | 14" FRONT TIRE FREE 1-YEAR STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY INCLUDED   ARRIVES 85% ASSEMBLED. WILL NEED TO INSTALL FRONT TIRE, FRONT/REAR SHOCKS, HANDLEBARS, FRONT FENDER, AND NUMBER PLATE.          Venom 1600W Pro | Electric Dirt Bike | Lithium 48V Introducing the Venom Pro 1600W electric dirt bike, dominating the market with its robust 48V Lithium battery pack! This beast features a 14" Front Rim + 12" Rear Rim, a Lithium-Ion battery pack, a 1600W Brushless Motor, Advanced Speed Governor settings (Throttle Response, Top Speed), Gold-plated front forks, and more. Whether you're tearing up the driveway, backyard, or off-road trails, this bike delivers. Equipped with Knobby tires for tackling rough terrain and hills with ease. Plus, its upgraded 48V Lithium battery offers superior performance and extended ride time. The new Venom Pro Lithium Electric Dirt bike raises the bar with Hydraulic Disk Brakes for enhanced braking and exceptional stopping power. With its upgraded 1600 Watts rare-earth brushless electric motor, conquer any road condition with ease. Customize your ride with the installed Advanced Speed Governor, catering to every rider's preferences.Experience the power of the Venom Pro Dirt Bike, boasting a formidable lithium battery that delivers 48V and 1600W of relentless performance. Its lightweight, durable design ensures hours of thrilling dirt biking, offering up to 2 hours of runtime and added torque. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled journey through expert engineering and exhilarating off-road adventures. ‼️UPGRADED 48V LITHIUM BATTERY PACK ‼️ SEALED BATTERY CASE: With its sealed case, the Venom Pro is now significantly more water-resistant, ensuring durability even in wet conditions. EXTRA CHARGING PORT INSTALLED: A second charging port is conveniently installed directly on the case, allowing for easy charging without the hassle of removing components. CARRYING HANDLE: The inclusion of a handle makes it effortless to carry, adding to its overall convenience and portability. ‼️ HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKES ‼️ HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKES: Ensure swift and efficient braking, providing you with enhanced safety and control during your rides.  ‼️ADVANCED SPEED GOVERNOR ‼️ S: Speed Control 5MPH - 25MPH (adjustable with variable knob) R: Response Control .2sec - 1sec (adjustable with variable knob) ‼️BATTERY GAUGE INDICATOR & ON/OFF SWITCH‼️ Battery Gauge: Easily monitor and manage your battery life and power from your handlebars with full control. ON/OFF Kill Switch: Easily ride with safety in mind using the ON/OFF switch. Simply press the red button to activate the Kill Switch mode, which will stop your bike from accelerating until it is switched OFF. ‼️UPGRADED REAR ADJUSTABLE SHOCK ‼️ Comfortable Ride: Experience the improved shock absorber on the Venom Pro 1600W, designed to reduce bounce and provide a smoother ride. Easily adjust for a firmer suspension. Dimensions Length: 58 inches Width: 24 inches Height: 38 inches Seat Height: 27 inches Handlebars to Ground: 36 inches Front Tire: 60/100-14 Rear Tire: 80/100-12 👦🏽Great for Kids and Teens aged 13+ 🧒🏼 The Venom Lithium Electric Dirt Bike is available two colors. This will be matched with its aerodynamic design for a truly awesome ride. This electric motocross is equipped with rubber tires; do not be scared to take it out on the trails, in the mud, or even in the snow! You will notice the Venom Pro Lithium 48V Motocross has enough power for uphills and inclines. Always wear DOT approved helmet and riding gear when riding!         Venom Support is Available 9am-7pm EST Monday - Friday and 9am-4pm  EST Saturday at and 1-855-984-1612       LOOKING FOR FINANCING? Select "AFFIRM" at the checkout to begin your pre approval!         The VENOM Pro Electric 48V Lithium Dirt Bike Comes Equipped and Installed With Over $775 Worth of Upgrades! FREE UPGRADED BIGGER FRAME + TIRES ($150 value) The new Lithium Venom Electric Dirt Bike is built on solid steel frame with a bigger seat height of 27 inches from the ground up. You will notice the bigger front + rear tires installed on this model:  Front Tire: 2.75x14 Knobby PneumaticRear Tire: 3.00x12 Knobby Pneumatic FREE UPGRADE TO 48 VOLTS LITHIUM BATTERY ($250 value) Not only do you get longer ride times, the lithium battery is much lighter and provides a much quicker recharge time. New Sealed Battery Case has many added features adding to its overall convenience and portability. FREE UPGRADE TO HYDRAULIC DISK BRAKES ($75 value) Benefit from instant stopping power with the installation of hydraulic disc brakes on the Venom Pro. These brakes ensure swift and efficient braking, providing you with enhanced safety and control during your rides. Say goodbye to delayed stops and enjoy the confidence of precise braking when you need it most. FREE UPGRADED 1600 WATTS RARE-EARTH BRUSHLESS MOTOR ($150 value) Strong and powerful 1600 watts motor will give you a top speed of 30 km/h with enough torque and power for inclines.  FREE UPGRADED ADVANCED SPEED GOVERNOR ($75 value) S: Speed Control 5Mph - 25Mph (adjustable with variable knob) R: Response Control .2sec - 1sec (adjustable with variable knob) FREE UPGRADE TO WATERPROOF BEARINGS + GOLD FRONT SHOCKS ($75 value) Great for off-roading in muddy environments and the Dual Hydraulic front shocks are ready for your adventures! Also equipped with Hydraulic Disc Brakes, this is a safer system than your average cable braking systems This braking system provides greater control and stopping power, making it the perfect choice for the adventurous rider.  ‼️ LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING? ‼️ CLICK HERE TO APPLY WITH NATIONAL POWERSPORTS FINANCING!  a      Product Specifications: Motor: 48 Volt 1600 Watt (Brushless - Rare Earth - Neodymium Magnet)Battery: 48 Volt 13Ah Li-Ion Recommended Age: 13+ Max Rider Weight: 150 lbs Top Speed: 5 - 40 KMH (weight dependent) Throttle Response: .2sec - 1sec (adjustable with variable knob)Final Drive: 10T/76T, 219H# Chain 63 LinkFrame: SteelFront Tire: 2.75x14 Knobby PneumaticRear Tire: 3.00x12 Knobby PneumaticRims: AluminumBrakes: Front and rear discSuspension: 2 Hydraulic Front shocks, 1 Rear shockThrottle: Variable twist-gripSeat: Padded (single rider)Handlebars: Adjustable Forward/BackBattery Meter: YesKey Start: YesCharging Time: 4-6 hoursCharger Included: YesAssembly Required: YesWheelbase: 40 inchesSeat Height: 27 inchesMin Ground Clearance: 12 inchesProduct Size: 58x24x36 inchesProduct Weight: 93 lbsBox Size: 51x15x26 inchesBox Weight: 115 lbs blue *PLEASE READ OUR WARRANTY/TERMS SECTION BEFORE ORDERING*

Lift Your Ride: Electric Dirt Bikes for Sale

Are you looking for a sustainable approach to intensify your off-roading adventures? Want to enjoy dirt biking's rush without the commotion and emissions? Check out the electric bike for sale! We at Venom Motorsports Canada are committed to providing you with the greatest electric off-road riding experience.

Why Choose an Electric Dirt Bike?

Do you dislike the typical dirt bikes' loud motors and ongoing maintenance? We provide a cleaner, quieter, and easier-to-maintain alternative with our electric dirt bikes. What distinguishes our selection is as follows:

1. Power and Effectiveness

Don't be misled by their expression of silence. With 500W to 1600W of power, our electric dirt bikes are powerful machines. You'll get the surge of excitement you want without upsetting the serenity.

2. Ecologically Sound 

Reduce your carbon impact and say no to dangerous pollutants. Since they are environmentally friendly, electric dirt motorcycles are a sensible alternative for outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Minimal Operating Costs 

Benefit from significant fuel and maintenance expense reductions. Due to its efficiency and low maintenance needs, electric dirt bikes allow you to spend more time riding and less time tinkering.

4. Dirt bikes on Sale for Cheap 

We are aware that value is important. We provide reasonably priced electric dirt motorcycles so you can get the most for your money.

Our selection has something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned rider or a novice. Explore the wild outdoors in a brand-new way by joining the electric dirt bike revolution. Take a look at our collection right now at Electric Dirt Bikes for sale collection to upgrade your off-road activities.