Replacement Horn | Venom 1000W-1300W-1500W ATV $39.99
FREE SHIPPING   Original Horn for the Venom 1000W-1300W-1500W Electric ATV   Package Content:  1x Horn Compatibility: Venom Quad Racer 1000W ATV Venom E-Madix 1300W ATV 48V Lithium Venom E-Grizzly 1500W ATV  
Replacement Advanced Speed Governor (5 001 0160 013) [R+S+P] | Venom 1300W ATV $39.99
FREE SHIPPING   Original Advanced Speed Governor with 3 Turn Dial Settings Response + Speed + Power   Package Content:  1x Advanced Speed Governor [R+S+P] Compatibility: Venom E-Madix 1300W ATV 48V Lithium  
Replacement Tire + Rim | 14x4.10-6 | 14x5.00-6 | Venom 1300W ATV $79.99 $129.99
FREE SHIPPING Full tire on rim fully balanced for the Venom 1300w Electric ATV 48V Lithium.    Two colour options available: Blue Green   FRONT SIZE: 14 x 4.10-6 REAR SIZE: 14 x 5.00-6    COMPATIBILITY - VENOM E-MADIX 1300W ATV 48V LITHIUM  
1300w Rear Axle $89.99
FREE SHIPPING 1300w Rear Axle Package Content:  1x Rear Axle
1300w Rear Sprocket $39.99
FREE SHIPPING 1300w Rear Sprocket Package Content:  1x Rear Sprocket
1300w E-Madix Throttle Assembly $49.99
FREE SHIPPING   1300w E-Madix Throttle Assembly   Package Content:  1x Throttle Assembly
1300w E-Madix Gear Selector $33.99
FREE SHIPPING   1300w E-Madix Gear Selector Package Content:  1x Gear Selector Compatibility: 1000w Quad Racer   
1300W E-Madix ATV | Electric Motor (5 019 0200 002) $299.99
FREE SHIPPING Original Electric Motor for the Venom 1300W E-Madix ATV Package Content: 1x Electric Motor Compatibility: Venom 1300w E-Madix ATV