50cc Roma Scooter - Tail Light 33700-S9E1-0000 $79.99
Tail light for Roma Scooter.    LED 3w, 12 V
50cc Roma Scooter - Muffler 1830A-S9E1-0000 $129.99
Muffler for Roma Scooter. Does not include Muffler Cover. Part # 18310-S9E1-0000
50cc Roma Scooter - Muffler Cover 18310-S9E1-0000 $79.99
Muffler cover for Roma Scooter.    Screws to attach to muffler:  M6 x 20 mm x 0.75 pitch
50cc Roma Scooter - Shoe Assembly, Right Rear Brake 4312A-S9E1-0000 $109.99
Shoe Rear Brake Assembly for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Handlebar End Cap 53150-S9E1-0000 $34.99
End caps for Roma Scooter (set of 2)
50cc Roma Scooter - Throttle 53140-S9E1-0000 $49.99
Throttle grip for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Left Hand Grip 53166-S9E1-0000 $34.99
Left hand grip for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Signal Light Relay 38300-S9E1-0000 $34.99
Signal light relay for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Speed transducer / speed sensor 45361-S9E1-0000 $49.99
Speed sensor / transducer for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Right Rear Footrest 50520-S9E1-0000 $39.99
Right rear footrest for the Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Speedometer Cable 44831-S9E1-0000 $79.99
Speedometer Cable for Roma Scooter.  Length 39.5"
50cc Roma Scooter - Throttle Cable 17910-S9E1-0000 $59.99
Throttle cable for the Roma Scooter.   Length: 74"
50cc Roma Scooter - Rear Brake Cable 4345A-S9E1-0000 $69.99
Rear Brake cable for Roma Scooter.   Length : 76"
50cc Roma Scooter - Steering Stem 53200-S9E1-0000 $99.99
Steering stem / column for the Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Ignition Coil 30510-S9E1-0000 $429.99
  Ignition coil for Roma Scooter. Length : 23.5"
50cc Roma Scooter - Rear Shock 52400-S9E1-0000 $89.99
Rear shock for the Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Clip Assembly Center 80152-S9E1-0000 $34.99
Center clip assembly for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Front Brake Assembly 45200-S9E1-0000 $99.99
Front Brake Assembly (including Brake handle) for Roma Scooter.  Length of cable : 35"
50cc Roma Scooter - Right Rear Signal Light 33600-S9E1-0000 $39.99
Rear Right signal light for the Roma Scooter.    10w 12 volt
50cc Roma Scooter - Engine Hanger 50350-S9E1-0000 $59.99
Engine hanger for the Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Front Cover Bracket 50127-S9E1-0000 $59.99
Front fender bracket for Roma Scooter.
50cc Roma Scooter - Kickstand 50530-S9E1-0000 $49.99
Kickstand for Roma Scooter.

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