Venom x15 | 90cc Kids Super Pocket Bike | Electric Start | Automatic $1,099.99 $1,199.99
FREE SHIPPING! FREE 1-YEAR STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY INCLUDED      Venom X15 90cc Super Pocket Bike  The all new x15 is here! It comes equipped with a 90cc 4 stroke engine. Backed up with a 1 year warranty, the engine is fully automatic meaning you don't need to shift gears, just pull the throttle and off you go! Push start is the way you start the bike and the adjustable suspension handles the road like a champ. It feels very solid when touching it, the finish on the bike is excellent in terms of paint work and how it all fits together and it weights a little over 110lb to give you an idea of the quality of such a small bike.  The best part of the bike is the performance tune up on the exhaust. The exhaust is move and located under the bike! Gives it a very sporty tuned bike look and sounds aggressive!  M Truly is a performance bike, with the way it handles and the way it looks. The upgraded front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make it really easy to stop and the upgraded racing tires make it stick to the ground. It has a locking gas tank, speedometer and real LED headlights. The x15 super pocket bike has a sleek look from its headlights, it is the little brother to the Ducati 959. Same aggressive and modern look, just smaller making the x15 the best starter pocket bike/super pocket bike. Great for Kids and Teens aged 8-16 years of age. Its also great for older teens and adults to play around the neighbourhood or a nice piece to add to the collection in the man-cave for adults. M Dimensions Assembled Length: 52inches Width: 15inches Height: 23inches Seat Height: 19 inches from the ground   Dimensions Crated Length: 47inches Width: 15inches Height: 23inches LOOKING FOR FINANCING? Select "AFFIRM" at the checkout to begin your pre approval!    AVAILABLE IN 2 COLOURS: BLACK / RED / WHITE - #55 BLUE / RED / WHITE - #7 (BLACK RIMS ONLY)      Click here to read our blog on the Venom x15 super pocket bike   Venom Support is Available 9am-6pm EST Monday - Friday and 9am-4pm  EST Saturday at and 1-855-984-1612     LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW! a Looking to start a layaway? Click here     The x15 Super Pocket Bike Comes with $480 Worth in Upgrades! FREE UPGRADED FRONT FORKS/SUSPENSION ($100 value) Our x15 is the only pocket bike in its design with a front suspension. Great for handling and for comfort for those long rides. Finished in a Gold Colour.   FREE UPGRADED LED HEADLIGHTS ($80 value) Sleek design that gives the x15 bright lights for night time drives!   FREE JAPANESE UPGRADED CARBURETOR KIT ($50 value) High quality carb kit comes factory installed. It gives the x15 super pocket bike more power then a stock one and requires less maintenance.    FREE FRONT & REAR HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES ($50 value) Makes the stopping on the bike much easier and much less maintenance required.   FREE TUNED HIGH PERFORMANCE EXHAUST PIPE ($100 value) The high performance exhaust installed on the x15 pocket rocket gives it faster acceleration as well as a deeper tone. Its also relocated to under the bike, giving it the performance tuned up bike look!    FREE EXTENDED ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON THE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION ($100 value) We are very confident the engine put into the x15 is the best engine made with the best quality parts that we include a 1 year warranty on it at no cost! Anything that happens to the engine due to manufacture defect or problems is covered. Quality is what Venom Motorsports is built on. We pay extra on all our bikes when manufacturing them to be the best built bike with top quality parts. This is what makes us stand out from competition.      LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!   Specifications Engine: 90cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke, electric start Oil type: Petrol Fuel tank capacity:  2.5L Starting system: Electric start Brake system: Front and Rear hydraulic disc brake Rear suspension: Mono shock 1250LBS/IN Max speed: 45-50km/hMax loading: 80KGS Length: 52inches Width: 15inches Height: 23inches Vehicle Weight: 89lbs Shipping Weight: 93lbs Seat Height: 19 inches from the ground NOT STREET LEGAL Carton size:132x38x58CM Accessories: Headlight, Speedometer, Charger, Horn. Fully automatic engine - No Gears   *PLEASE READ OUR WARRANTY AND TERMS BEFORE ORDERING*  LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!  
Venom 1000W Electric Super Pocket Bike | 48V $1,649.99 $1,799.99
\VENOM M8 1000W Super Bike IN STOCK NOW! FREE 1-YEAR PARTS REPLACEMENTS  WARRANTY  FOR  ALL AGES KIDS + ADULTS    MotoTec M8 1000W 48V Super Pocket Bike | Electric  Introducing the new MotoTec 1000w 48v Electric Superbike! Larger than a pocket bike and loaded with power. Features include: Leather padded seat, kick stand, half twist throttle for safety, key start, front and rear suspension, large tires with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.    Motor: 48 Volt 1000 WattBattery: Four 12v/12ah (48v total)Top Speed: 25 MPH (weight dependent)Pocket Bike Size: L=47in, W=25in, H=30inSeat Height: 22.5 inRecommended Age: 16+Max Rider Weight: 250 lbsFrame: SteelFront Tire: 90/65-8 PneumaticRear Tire: 130/50-8 PneumaticBrakes: Front & Rear Hydraulic DiscSuspension: Front & RearThrottle: Variable twist-gripSeat: Leather (single rider)Handlebars: Angle Adjustable, Not HeightBattery Meter: YesKey: YesCharging Time: 4-6 hoursCharger Included: YesAssembly Required: YesBox Size: 56x18x32 inchesBox Weight: 68 lbsProduct decoration and specifications subject to change without notice. cheap electric bike canada cube electric bike canada electric bike conversion kit amazon canada razor electric dirt bike canada ktm electric dirt bike canada alta electric dirt bike canada electric dirt bike walmart canada buy electric bike canada         Venom Support is Available 9am-6pm Monday - Saturday EST at and 1-855-984-1612       LOOKING FOR FINANCING? Select "AFFIRM" at the checkout to begin your pre approval!    The M8 Comes Equipped and Installed With $455 Worth of Upgrades! FREE PAINTED COLORED FRAME ($80 VALUE)  Gives the M8 a beautiful eye catching finish! FREE UPGRADED 1000W MOTOR ($150 VALUE) Gives the M8 more power than the 500w models. Much more powerful for heavier riders and better suited for growing kids! Top speed of 25MPH! FREE RACING TIRES ($45 VALUE) High traction GP tires increases your control at high speeds and allows you to take tight corner fast with impressive handling FREE FRONT AND REAR HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES ($80 VALUE) For increased braking power and higher performance. FREE UPGRADED 48V BATTERY ($100 VALUE) Stronger, and longer ride times is what every kids wants! You won't be charging every few minutes this bike will have you riding for hours!
MotoTec Cali Premium 500 Watts Electric Mini Bike 36 Volts Pocket Bike from $649.99
PREMIUM ELECTRIC 500W 36V POCKET BIKE FOR KIDS Shipping time takes 1-2 weeks for this item! FREE 6-Months Parts Replacement Warranty ($89 VALUE) PROTECT YOURSELF WITH OUR HELMET PACKAGE: - ADD FULL FACE LIGHTWEIGHT HELMET FOR $89 - ADD CRUISER HELMET FOR $69             This is a Brand New Fully Electric 500W Premium Pocket Rocket Bike 36V.        The very famous design on the new mini Pocket Bikes are now available in full electric. Reduce noise complaints, gas emissions, and oil changes by upgrading to the new all electric 500 Watt 36 Volts Premium Pocket Bike. This is the ultimate kids ride and will have your child excited to take for a ride. Cruise around the neighborhood and enjoy ride times with your new bike. The upgraded 36V battery will have you riding longer than your competition. Battery meter indicator will notify you when battery is running low and needs a charge. Take an adventure on the new mini premium pocket rocket from Belmonte Bikes.    LOOKING FOR FINANCING? Select "AFFIRM" at the checkout to begin your pre approval!   Venom Support is Available 9am-7pm Monday - Saturday EST at and 1-855-984-1612                 Premium Pocket Bike 500 Watts 36 Volts Specifications:     Motor: 36 Volt 500 WattBattery: THREE 12 Volts (36 Volt total)Top Speed: 35km/h (weight dependent)Pocket Bike Size: L=40in, W=20in, H=21inPocket Bike Weight: 74 lbsSeat Height: 18inRecommended Age: 13+Max Rider Weight: 150 lbsFrame: SteelTires: 90/65-6.5 Pneumatic (11 inch)Brakes: 1 disc front, 1 disc rearFrame: RidgedThrottle: Variable twist-gripSeat: Padded (single rider)Handlebars: Angle Adjustable, Not HeightBattery Meter: YesKey: YesCharging Time: 4-6 hoursCharger Included: YesBox Size: 40x14x25 inchesBox Weight: 82 lbs Model: MT-EP-Cali             Colors Available: Matte Black Frame Colors Available: Red, White, Blue, Pink        *PLEASE READ OUR WARRANTY/TERMS SECTION BEFORE ORDERING*

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