Venom Mini Jeep | 125cc | 3-Speed | Willys Edition $2,799.99 $3,999.99
FREE SHIPPING ($129 VALUE) FREE 1-YEAR STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY INCLUDED              GET THE ALL NEW JEEP WILLY'S DELUXE ‼️ UNBOXING VIDEO ‼️ ‼️ WALK-AROUND VIDEO ‼️ ‼️ RIDING VIDEO ‼️  LOOKING FOR FINANCING? Select "AFFIRM" at the checkout to begin your pre approval!   LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW!a VENOM WILLY'S 125cc DELUXE MINI JEEP Welcome to the famous DELUXE Willy's Mini Jeep Thunderbird from VENOM MOTORSPORTS CANADA.   The Venom 125cc Mini Jeep Deluxe | Willys Edition | 3-Speed is an exceptional piece of engineering. It features 125cc of displacement power and a 3-speed semi-automatic transmission with reverse, allowing for exceptional acceleration and control. Its upgraded Willys Edition styling ensures a unique, powerful look, perfect for off-road adventures.   This Mini Jeep UTV/ATV/Go-Kart is guaranteed to spark attention when out and about! It’s the perfect choice for off-roading excursions of all ages, and comes fully equipped with all the features you need.   It's loaded with thrilling semi-automatic transmission that puts full control in your hands - no need to worry about gear shifts any more! Plus, the Mini Jeep starts with just the keys - no more challenging start-ups, two keys included so you're always prepared! Excite your inner daredevil! The beautiful and heavily padded dual seats fits 2 people! Very spacious riding experience for both an adult with a child, and they are also aimed at giving both the rider and passenger utmost comfort. Each seat also comes with its own harness seat belt that provides to ensure safety in different conditions. a The rack & pinion steering provides better handling and maneuvering of the Jeep. It also greatly reduces the effect of bumps when ridden off-road.   This Willy's Style Mini Jeep is outfitted with powerful hydraulic disc brakes in the front and rear. You'll get fast, dependable deceleration and improved stopping power when you step on the brakes. Combined with the rugged, oversized tires that provide superior traction, you'll stay in control no matter the situation.   Always wear DOT approved helmet and safety gears (goggles, gloves, etc.) when riding.    NEW FEATURES ENGINE Located in the rear of the mini jeep HALOGEN Headlights + Turn Signals CHROME WHEELS / DELUXE STYLE Knobby Off-Road Tires + full-size spare included DIGITAL GEAR DISPLAY Displays each gear (R-N-1-2-3) ADJUSTABLE SEAT You can adjust the seat forward and backwards, closer to the pedals for young drivers or further for adult riding              Features FREE SHIPPING TO TERMINAL IN EVERY PROVINCE FREE 1-YEAR STANDARD PARTS WARRANTY FREE FRONT CRASH BAR AND ENGINE PROTECTION BAR FREE CHROME WHEELS DELUXE EDITION FREE SPARE 3 GALLONS METAL FUEL GAS TANK FREE SPARE CHROME COMPLETE WHEEL FREE UPGRADED RACK & PINION STEERING FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT Turn Signals (Front + Rear) Taillights Headlights Semi-Automatic Transmission Speedometer 3 Speed with REVERSE Engine located in the rear 125cc 4-Stroke Air-Cooled Engine Two Seater Willy's Jeep Design Extreme High Quality Paint Design Front & Rear Disc Brakes Safety Harness Seat Belts Horn Arrives 85% Assembled Fuel Tank Capacity 4L or 1 Gallons Leather Seats CDI Ignition Electric Start Chain Drive Two Keys Big Knobby Tires Powerful Headlights Great for off-road and hunting mini jeep 200cc 125cc jeep buggy mini jeep car jeep wrangler go kart 125cc jeep mini truck taotao go kart atk 125a mini off road jeep jeep wrangler mini mini jeeps for adults kids jeep go kart jeep go kart kit  ‼️ REVIEW VIDEO ‼️                                 The Willy's Jeep Comes Equipped and Installed With $850 Worth of Upgrades! FREE UPGRADED 85% ASSEMBLED + TIRES/RIMS INSTALLED ($100 value) The Venom Willy's 125cc Mini Jeep will arrive with the 4 tires with chrome rims already installed. You will be required to install the windshield, steering wheel, side bars, seatbelts, seats, mirrors + accessories. Check out this YouTube video for an installation video: FREE UPGRADED ALUMINIUM RIMS ($100 value) Check out the all new upgraded Aluminium rims installed on all 4 tires + spare tire! Who wouldn't want to ride in style! FREE UPGRADED BIG KNOBBY TIRES ($100 value) We have upgraded the tires on the Venom Mini Jeep 125cc to perform in all terrains, including, but not limited to: snow, mud, grass, rocks, etc. Front: 18x7-8 Rear: 18x7-8 FREE UPGRADED FRONT + REAR HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES AND RACK & PINION STEERING ($250 Value) For increased braking power and higher performance.  FREE 10L SPARE GAS CAN ($50 Value) Metal spare gas tank will keep you riding for hours! Metal strap to attach the Spare Gas Can to your Mini Jeep while riding included! FREE SPARE TIRE + RIM PACKAGE ($150 value) Never be stuck on the side of the road! Spare Tire + Rim included for convenience in case you ever get stuck in a sticky situation! FREE HIGH PERFORMANCE SPARK ARRESTOR EXHAUST PIPE (78MM) ($100 value) Great Looking High Performance Fatty Exhaust Increases back pressure for better acceleration and top speed with aggressive deep tone sounding. 10% performance increase!   ‼️ ENGINE LOCATED IN REAR ‼️ Venom Support is Available 9am-7pm Monday - Friday and 9am-4pm Saturday EST at and 1-855-984-1612     📸 ‼️ SCROLL DOWN FOR CUSTOMER PHOTOS ‼️📸       Specifications Engine 125cc Transmission 3-speed with reverse Drive type Chain Belt and or chain size Chain: 530H 153L Starter System Electric Fuel system Gasoline, 1.06gal / 4 Litres Carbureted Brake (Front/Rear) Disk/Disk Tire Size (Front/Rear) 18x7-8 Wheel size and type (Front/Rear) Rubber Tires Front: 18 x 7.00 – 8 Rear: 18 x 7.00 – 8 Seat Width:  30.5 inches Oil Capacity and Type (in liters) 0.8L, 10W-40 Motorcycle Oil Gear Oil Type and Capacity( in liters) N/A Battery 12V9A Light Standard Lights Suspension(Front/Rear) Dual A-arms (Front) Swingarm (Rear) Dimensions (in inch) Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH): 79 x 35 x 46 inchesSeat Height: 29 inches Wheelbase: 52 inches Weight (net/gross/capacity) 530.7/563.8 lbs Weight capacity 265 lbs Ground Clearance (in inch) 9.84 Assembly Required Windshield, Handle Bars, Seat, Spare Tire Holder, Gas Can Holder, Seat Belts, Battery, and PDI Any Special Features Includes: Windshield, Spare tire, Gas Can EPA Approved EPA Approved      LOOKING FOR SECONDARY FINANCING?  CLICK HERE TO APPLY NOW! a Colors available: Army Green & Black   📸 ‼️ CUSTOMER PHOTOS ‼️ 📸  w *PLEASE READ OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS SECTION BEFORE ORDERING*
NIBBI Racing Carburetor + Intake + NIBBI Air Filter | 110cc-125cc $149.99 $189.99
FREE SHIPPING ‼️ TRULY PERFORMANCE INCREASE CARBURETOR + AIR FILTER ‼️ NIBBI RACING has focused on making your ATV / Dirt Bike / Go Kart / Motorcycle perform better! After thousands of tests, Nibbi has found the best material and the best design for the power system. It can increase power at take off, and give your motorcycle a new feel!      Also includes Intake Manifold for direct installation on your bike!   Compatibility Venom Mini Madix 110cc ATV Venom Grizzly 125cc ATV Venom Racing Madix 125cc ATV Venom Thunder VX125 Dirt Bike Venom Willy's 125cc Mini Jeep All 110cc-125cc ATVs / Dirt Bikes / Go Karts / Motorcycles     

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