Winter Storage Guide For ATVs

Winter Storage Guide For ATVs

Riding your motorcycle is a true pleasure to feel the thrill, excitement, and pleasant sight views during your journey. As hard as you love your bike, you must keep it safe in all seasons, especially the chilly winters. 

There’s more to maintenance in order to enjoy taking your bike for a spin because automobiles tend to degrade their performance in extreme weather conditions if appropriate protection is not provided. Wet roads, fluids, rain, and hail can rigorously impact the internal components of bikes and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles), which could jeopardize their state. Ergo, as an ATV owner, you must educate yourself on the necessary actions to follow in order to safeguard your ride's health in cold settings by reading storage guidelines and manuals.

Despite the fact that all-terrain vehicles are made of high-quality aluminium and have a rock-solid framework, they do require some maintenance and protection from harsh temperatures while stored outside. Many people keep their motorcycles in covered garages, but then also, you must take the appropriate precautions to protect your ATV.

Let's have a look at what you should do before storing your ATV for an extended period of time - 

  • Use a stabilizer and drain the fuel - The first thing you must do is to purchase high-quality stabilizer and add it to your ATV’s metal fuel tank. Switch on the engine for a couple of minutes to let the stabilizer reach all the parts of the engine evenly. This technique keeps your engine fluid running for approx a couple years and protects the smooth functioning of the engine at all times. In addition, if your ATV has a plastic gas tank, you must drain the fuel and ensure that other fluid tanks like carburetors are kept clean. 
  • Inflate the tires - Because you'll be keeping your ATV until the end of the winter, you should consider inflating the tyres to their maximum capacity to guarantee that they stay that way for a long time and that you may ride your ATV whenever you want. Further, you’d be required to re-inflate them a little more to their optimal capacity after several months as tyres tend to lose some air over a long period. By doing this during the winter, you can make sure that you don’t have to face the consequences of a flat. 
  • Use a cover - Winter hails could be extremely powerful and wreck your precious ATV. In order to cover it during this time, look for a premium quality ATV cover that surrounds the vehicle properly and doesn’t leave any part uncovered. This way you can protect your bike from dust, winter frost, etc. Investing in high-quality protection cover not only guarantees your bike to stay in the same state, visually, but also protects its internal components from debris and potential condensation.
  • Clean the ATV - Next thing that you have to check before reserving your ATV is to deep-clean it with soft brushes, multi-fibre cloth and cleaning fluids. It is possible that an uncleaned vehicle could invite negative impacts on the combustion and engine components, thus, you must cleanse it to take away possible dust, water residue, leaked fluids, dirt and any other thing that is harmful to your bike. Since you wouldn’t be catering to these requirements after you’ve stored your bike, it is feasible to leave no stone unturned beforehand.
  • Use a trickle charger - Trickle chargers are widely available on the market and are an excellent tool for gently and gradually charging your ATV's battery over time. This means you may use a trickle charger to keep the battery charged and in good health over the winter, without having the fear of the battery getting drained. 
  • Select the right place - Last but not least, you must select a proper storage area for your ATV, such as a covered garage, backyard, or other suitable location. The area must be kept clean and well-covered to protect the vehicle from rain, snow, and hail. It should also be noticed that the ATV isn't always exposed to direct sunshine, which might cause the tyres to deflate. You may build a platform out of blocks and bricks and park your ATV on it to safeguard it from anything that could accumulate on the floor.

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