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Winter and Long Term Storage Tips For Smooth ATV Riding

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All-terrain vehicles which are famously known as ATVs are motorized off-highway vehicles. They are designed to run on four low pressure tires along with a seat and handlebar. ATVs have become quite a popular choice both amongst kids and adults as it offers ultimate fun and adventure. One of the best things about ATVs, which sets it apart from all other vehicles is its ability to be used on different types of terrain. Regardless, you are going to hilly areas or deserts; you can take your KIDS 110CC ATV or toddler gas ATV along and have fun and adventure. Also, if you are a rider, then you can also take your youth gas ATV along.

But most of the people don’t have the know-how of how to maintain their ATV so that you can have a seamless ride whenever you take it out. Maintaining ATVs becomes a hassle, especially during the winter when you need to store your ATV for an extended period. In this blog post, we have covered some of the best tips that help you maintain your ATV seamlessly, even during winters.

How long term storage and winters affect the functionality of ATVs?

During the winter season, no one leaves their ATVs inside the house where the condition remains quite warm in comparison to the outside freezing temperatures. Even the garage cats come inside your home during the below-freezing temperature. Henceforth, you need special maintenance for your ATVs during the winter seasons in comparison to the summer seasons.  ATVs don’t like the cold season, and therefore, in addition, to properly warm-up, they require special maintenance.

It is also advised not to keep your ATV in the garage for a longer span for it affects its performance. Likewise, any other machine, ATVs must be used on a regular basis in order to keep its engine and other parts running. From rusting to the blocked engine, there are many problems which you can face with your long term stored ATV. So, let’s look at some of the tips which you can use for smooth ATV rides during the winter season and after long term storage.

Tips for a smooth winter riding


If you have an electric ATV with you, then you should never miss charging your batteries after a specific period. During the winter seasons, the machine doesn’t start when attempted and just in 1 minute, the battery dies. So if you will keep your battery always charged, then it will keep the battery fresh.


One of the best things to do during winters or long-time storage for ensuring smooth functioning of your ATV is to keep changing your oil from time to time. You should always follow the manufacturer’s specification for viscosity and type. Leaving your ATV with old oil during winters or long term storage is never a good idea.


Another good tip to follow for maintaining your ATV during winters and long term storage is to drain the old fuel. You should know when fuels go bad with time, and therefore you need to empty it accordingly if you don’t want to ruin your ATV.


You should never add fuel stabilizer to old gas to make a magic potion of fresh gas. You should always add fuel stabilizer to fresh gas in order to ensure long term storage. With the help of fuel stabilizer, you will be able to slow down the ageing process, but that doesn’t mean that the gas will last forever.


The most obvious tip is to clean your ATV regularly. Allowing your ATV to get covered under a thick layer of dust may damage some of its parts and even block it. You should visit your garage twice a month and clean your ATV properly.


Your coolant is another essential part of your bike, and if you have stored your ATV for an extended period, then you should consider changing the coolant as it deteriorates with time. You can change the coolant by yourself or ask an expert.


Fogging the cylinder means taking out the spark plugs and spraying a little engine oil to make sure that your cylinder is lubricated. You should follow this practice during the winter seasons and long term storage.


If you are planning to store your ATV for a long period of time or during winters, then you should definitely buy a waterproof cover for it as the last thing which you will wish to happen to your ATV is the melting water from the ice or water from continuous rainfall, falling directly on your brand new ATV.

The above mentioned tips, if followed diligently can help you enjoy hassle free ride on your ATV even after keeping it stored for a longer span or during the winter months. 

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