Top 7 Tools Beginners Must Have in Their Garages

Top 7 Tools Beginners Must Have in Their Garages

Every bike or ATV comes with a manual that has tips for minor troubleshooting issues. You can also visit the websites of bike companies to get troubleshooting tips. But to carry on any repair, you will need some tools. 

No matter whether you have a cheap electric bike or an electric ATV for hunting, every bike owner should have some tools to take care of minor repairs. Here is a list of 7 means that you should have in your garage.

Impact wrench

It is one of the essential tools for your garage. Impact wrenches have various applications and are available in different styles and socket sizes. Impact wrenches are powered by compressed air or electric source. Electric impact wrenches are portable and easy to use, but they are more expensive than the compressed air wrenches. Electric impact wrenches are also available in cordless models, which are powered by batteries. 

Impact wrenches are used mainly to tighten or loosen bolts, nuts, and rusted fasteners without breaking or damaging them. Apart from the repair of your bikes, they can be used for a variety of applications. To ensure that the impact wrench is of good quality, always buy them from trusted companies. Venom Canada has a range of genuine spare parts and tools for bike maintenance and repair. We also have Electronic ATVs, street-legal motorcycles, scooters, and e-bikes for sale. 

Socket set

A high-quality socket set is one of the must-have essentials for a garage. They are used to tighten and loosen screws, nuts, and rusted bolts, and to fit spark plugs in cars, motorcycles, and electric push bikes. Socket sets are available in a variety of models such as SAE sockets, Metric sockets, Torx bit sockets, Impact sockets, driver sockets, pass-through sockets and spark plug sockets. While buying a socket set, you should consider the number of gear teeth, the number of corners inside the socket, the number of sockets in the kit, metric sizes of the ratchets and above all the quality of the set. 

Air compressor

Air compressors are commonly used for filling tires with high-pressure air. They are also used to power tools such as spray guns, air-powered impact wrenches and drills, and ratchet sets. Air compressors are available in electric, gas-powered, oil-free or oiled types. A small and portable air compressor will be the ideal choice for beginners. 

Dead blow hammer

Dead blow hammer is used to knock out minor dents on vehicles, dislodging stuck parts, and engine and transmission repairs. These hammers deliver precise blows while causing minimal damage to the surface. Dead blow hammers are easy to work with as they do not create a strain on the arms and wrists as they are made from a type of polymer and eliminate the rebound after hitting the surface. 

Torx Bit Set

A Torx screwdriver is the most commonly used tool for do-it-yourself repairs. They are also known as star bits or star screwdrivers. They are used to remove Torx screws from electric pushbikes, motorcycles and other automobiles. The main features to look for when buying a Torx bit set are an ergonomic grip, a hardened tip that is precision grounded for the exact fit. You can choose Torx bit sets from genuine manufacturers on our website. Apart from spare parts and accessories, we also have motorcycles, mini pocket bikes, Go-carts and e-bikes for sale.

Allen wrench set

Allen key is also known as a hex key or Allen Wrench. These wrenches have a hexagonal tip and are used to fix or remove hex screws and bolts. Hex keys are available in a range of sizes and models. These small hand-held tools are available in both standard and metric sizes. Flat End, Ball End, Long Arm and Short Arm are some models of the Allen wrench.  

Needle-Nose Pliers

Needle-nose pliers are specialist pliers used to cut or bend wires and to hold small nuts. You will need a pair of these handy pliers to repair the electric wiring of an electric ATV for hunting or a cheap electric bike. They are also used to grip items that are too small to hold with hands or other tools. The pointy and angled tip of needle-nose pliers helps to hold multiple wires or pick small screws and nuts. 

These are seven essential tools that every bike owner should have in their garage. These tools allow you to take care of the basic repairs of your cheap electric bike or mini motorcycle. However, it is essential to buy tools and spare parts from reputed sellers like Venom Canada. We have a wide range of high-quality tools, spare parts and accessories for bike owners.