Top 5 Off-Road ATV Trails In All Over Canada

Top 5 Off-Road ATV Trails In All Over Canada

Just like all other modern automobile options, everyone loves riding their ATV. But since other automobile options like the pocket bike is limited to roads only, you can take your ATV to various different places as they are known as All-Terrain Vehicles. 

It doesn’t matter whether you love solo rides or enjoy an ATV ride with your friend, taking it on an off-road adventure is the best way to enjoy without putting much at risk. If you own an ATV and use it on roads like a pocket bike, then you are surely not making the most out of your vehicle.

In order to hit the best off-road trails with your ATV, you will need to be properly informed about those trails first and make a pool of some of the best options. So, without any further ado, let’s get into the details of the top 5 off-road ATV trails all over Canada.

Bancroft, Eastern Ontario

In order to reach the small town of Bancroft, you will have to go through a six-hour ride from the east of Elliot Lake but your visit to the small town of Bancroft with your ATV will surely be worth it. You should know that Bancroft is one of the most admired off-road trails for ATV lovers in Canada.

The vast network of trails located in Bancroft is controlled by Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance and they are responsible for its maintenance as well. From lush green forest to awe-inspiring lakes and serene hills, Bancroft has a lot to offer for ATV riders looking for off-road trips.

Gold Bridge trials, British Columbia

There are surely only 40 to 70 people in Gold Bridge, BC but if you will start exploring the mind-blowing trials of this place, then you will surely be surprised. After just a short ride, you can find yourself standing on a cliff with a view of the crystal clear lake and you can also watch the beautiful mountains covered with the blanket of snow.

Gold Bridge is also very famous for its gold mines and you can surely explore the hidden gems without any hassle. There is also an ATV Salmon Bake located in Whistler and it is one of kind places for having amazing food.

Eastern Kings for Run, Prince Edward Island

This is surely the smallest province of Canada but you shouldn’t underestimate this place as it is a magic world for ATV riders looking for off-road fun. Off-road riding is becoming a big hit on the coasts of PEI and you will be surprised to know that many ATV clubs are organized every year at this place.

The very popular Eastern Kings for run starts with the beautiful town of Murray River and then it leads to a zig-zag trail of almost 55 miles. This zig-zag path is located on the eastern side of the PEI. During your journey, you might spot seals, local fishermen, and even blue herons.

Salmon Bake by ATV in Whistler, BC

What can be better than a planned ATV off-road trial trip and especially when it is organized by Canadian Wilderness Adventures. Yes, the very famous Salmon Bake ATV adventure is completely managed and organized by CWA. You will need to take your ATV, pack your bags, cross the serene yet stunning Blackcomb Mountains, and at the end; your reward will be a high altitude patio view.

If you love food, group trips, and off-road ATV rides, then the Salmon Bake trip organized by the Canadian Wilderness Adventure will be the best option for you.

Seguin trail, Ontario

Ontario is one of the most famous places for ATV riders and one of the most famous trials of Ontario is the Seguin trail. This trial is full of adventure and fun and it is located between Highway 400 and Highway 11. It also runs south of Parry Sound and that’s why there is nothing wrong in saying that is a major part of the Park-to-Park trail.

The old railway route goes side by side of the trail and you really need to be good at riding ATV in order to cover this stunning trail of Ontario. You may need to buy a Park-to-Park Trail but don’t worry as all the money collected from the pass is spent on the maintenance of the park and the trial.

All the trials mentioned in this blog post are not only safe and easy to cover, but they are stunning and full of adventure as well. If you are really planning to make the most of your ATV, just like your pocket bike, then you will need to take your ATV on an off-road trail instead of riding it in the backyard like your pocket bike.