Top 3 125cc ATVs You Can Buy From Venom!

Top 3 125cc ATVs You Can Buy From Venom!

ATVs or all-terrain vehicles are the new talk of the town, and especially the kid’s version where you can get a mini ATV with two-stroke or four-stroke engines, solid framework, and gasoline-driven mechanism. There are rather many ATV models that you can choose from, however the kids 125cc ATV is considered a better and steady design in the market for all those who’re crazy for thrill and fieriness. A 125cc ATV is suitable for kids who are below seven to eight years as it is not too bulky and somewhat secured for an average child to ride it. These small bikes are quite good for recreational purposes as riding an ATV allows you to pedal easily off-road terrains and hilly areas, or bumpy grounds.

Pros Of Riding An ATV.

Riding an ATV has a plethora of benefits for kids and teens because it is one of many ways that provide considerate benefits to you, physically and mentally. Speaking of that, let us discuss a few advantages that a kids 125cc ATV offers -

  • Physical Fitness - Studies show that riding an ATV allows you to focus on the physical state of your body and increases muscle strength. Further, taking out your ATV once or twice a week enhances your body endurance, cures heavy breathing over time, and even builds up your upper-body strength. 
  • Stress-buster - Most kids find their after-school hours strenuous and full of boredom. Here comes the role of ATV bike riding that surely brings them joy, lightens the mood, and reduces their pressure. ATVs are driven in open areas, which means you’d be getting fresh air, in the lap of nature.
  • Accelerating Fun - ATVs are significantly responsible to bring fun-filled moments in your life, though you can ride it along with your friends and race on short-span tracks. You know how much fun it is to ride an ATV, and there is no harm in giving yourself a break, once in a while.

Best ATV Models To Choose From.

  • VENOM 125cc ATV Quad - A quad ATV comes with four tires, a stable straddled seat with adjusted handlebars, that usually provides a four-stroke engine to maximize performance and speed. Further, the four-tire framework provides much more safety to the rider and reduces the possibility of falling. A kids 125cc ATV quad can be driven on on-road areas as well as off-road terrains and you can capitalize on its overall performance after a few upgrades. Up the wheels, add larger suspensions in the front, add a comfortable, textured seat to make the most of your ATV quad bike. 

  • Kodiak 125cc ATV - Ready for raising the bars for ATV riding- buy a Kodiak 125cc ATV that has a powerful four-stroke engine, where you can choose between semi-automatic or fully automatic fuel transmission mechanisms to up your racing skills. This ATV not only performs well via its internal parts but also covers you for the overall aesthetic framework, along with front and back cargo racks to get an extra load, without any harm. It also features disc brakes in the front, which allows you to gain steady control of the ATV in less time. Aim for a seamless ride, even on rugged terrain.

  • Viper 125cc ATV - Aggressive ATV riding with a great design is what a Viper 125cc promises! With accelerating speed and inspired design, you can get yourself a powerhouse in terms of an all-terrain vehicle. It also features better suspension grips, both in front and back wheels to stabilize your every landing and ensure that you get a pleasant yet thrilling experience. The manufacturers have also enhanced the exhaust mechanism to enable a quick initial pickup. The transmission system has been seamlessly upgraded which means you will get the fully automatic transmission in your Viper 125cc ATV.

  • Why choose Venom Motorsports

    Apart from them, there are several other ATV models that you can check and research to finalize your decision. ATVs are a great addition to one’s life and for an ultimate ATV riding episode, it is quite essential to get an ideal ATV from a credible source. Venom Motorsports encourages you with a larger variety of options for ATVs, pocket bikes, etc. We understand the budget constraint one might have, which is why we ensure to keep a fair price to get you going. Give us a call now to book an appointment with our ATV experts and pick up your new ATV today!