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Do you ride a 50cc gas ATV or a regular 50cc ATV?

How do you maintain it?

And no we are not just talking about the outside maintenance where you splash it under the shower and park it in the garage post drying!

An all-terrain vehicle or ATV’s as they are typically called are four-tire motorized vehicles that can be driven on smooth as well as rough pathways. A versatile vehicle, ATV  which also goes by the name four wheelers or Quad bike can be driven for an entertainment source or be put through tasks like snow plowing, transporting vehicles, mowing, winching and more.

Do you use it only for recreational purpose?

No matter how many rides you take, it is always essential to make sure that your ATVs are squeaky clean inside-out to make sure that the next spin as smooth as possible.

But do we need this or we are just saying it for the sake of it? The answer is while we enjoy riding the bike twisting the throttle, we don’t take so much of pleasure in cleaning it.

Keeping this into consideration today, we are going to talk about your daily habits and mistakes that ruin your ATVs lifecycle:

  • ATVs go through rough, dirty as well as smooth terrain. Imagine the amount of dust, debris, and dirt that must be collected in those four massive tires?  The deposition might get hardened over time and might even disrupt the basic functionality of the ATV, which is why it is essential to periodically clean it with the right tools, making sure that the engine and other electrical parts don’t get damaged because of water.

  • Different types of oil and gas go into four-stroke ATV and two-stroke ATV. It is essential to know and understand which one to prefer, depending upon their varying functionality and need. In a two-stroke vehicle, you should fill gasoline mixed with oil used explicitly for the engine of a two-stroke ATV. For a four-stroke vehicle which is less complicated than the former, you can collect use regular gasoline, ensuring that it is changed a couple of times. Dried mud if not removed from the ATV regularly, will contribute to ATV’s rusting, thereby decreasing the lifespan of the machine that you so proudly drove through muddy water s and risky terrains. It is important to note that the type should change with seasons and knowing the right kind of oil ensure the best performance from the machine.

  • Not cleaning or changing the dirty air filters is one of the quickest ways of loosening the horsepower and ruining the ATV’s engine. Air filters are essential to keep the engine clean from dust and dirt so that they can efficiently use fuel and air to produce power. Not changing the air filter when necessary, can result in horsepower loss severely damaging to the internal components of the ATV.

  • Since ATV can be driven in terrains of all forms, rough, dirty and smooth; particles such as sand, wood pieces, and dirt or mud puddles can get stuck in the radiator, clogging it. The leaks by the errant stone can lead you to replace the radiator. With time, this will start affecting the engine functioning, leading to its breakdown. This is why it is crucial to clean the radiator periodically rigorously.

  • As your list of ATV adventures increases, so does the quad’s vulnerability of losing components such as nuts and bolts. After every ride, make it a point to check all the parts, including the steering, suspension, bolts, and tires for any problem, which might become a safety concern, if overlooked.

  • You might think, what harm could dried mud do to my ATV? All I need to do is give it an excellent dry wiping, and off it goes. Wrong! Dried mud can go into the air intake of the ATV and degrade the quality of the fuel. Dried sludge is one of the significant reasons behind ATVs wretched condition of the suspension components.

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