Signs you are mishandling your ATV

Signs you are mishandling your ATV

There is no surprise that All-Terrain Vehicles are gaining massive popularity. If you are making a plan for off-road riding, then ATVs are great options to give you an exciting experience. These are great for off-road trails, single roads, and even when you are making a quick turn.

The uniquely designed ATVs are equipped with straddle seating position, handlebar, and capability to ride on different terrain and road conditions. Moreover, ATVs are also meant for recreational and practical transportation.

People forget about maintaining it even when they drive their vehicle for one-hundred-thousand miles. No matter what the condition of your vehicle is or what its model is. The factor that matters is its maintenance that should be neglected.

Importance of timely maintenance

Just like your home, your car, your home appliances, ATV also demands maintenance. By spending some little time maintaining your ATV can help in saving your time but also make your vehicles run for a longer time. Keeping the requirements of customers in mind, most of the manufacturers like Venom MotorSports are creating ATVs with an excellent range of materials and components.

If you avoid the step of maintenance that you must have to face specific problems that you don't like.

Let's enlist some of the signs of mishandling of ATVs that you shouldn't overlook.

  1. You don't clean your tires on a regular basis

ATV tires are the prime commodities on which there is lots of stress. Hence, they should always be clean and maintained. People love sports, grueling adventures, and active riding with ATVs on off-road. With time, these tires get wear and tear, thus required to be changed on time.

You must check the tires on time so that you don't run into some unwanted situations. Always inspect your tires before riding and check the air inside it. Check the lug nuts and tighten them to avoid some kinds of dangers, so it is better to keep a check on them.

At last, don't forget to check the tire pressure. Different riders prefer to have different kinds of feel while riding an ATV. In general, ATV tires consist of six to seven pounds of air. If it is below this, then adjust the pressure as desired.

  1. You are not using the right fuel

Well, this is a primary problem that often leads to some severe issues. In most of the ATV models, people use 87 octane gasoline that doesn't give up to the mark performance. Hence, according to the experts, it is preferable to use 89 or 91 octane fuel to get a better result. There are some four-wheelers as well in which you have to use premium fuel only. Few of the symptoms that you can identify if not using the right kind of fuel are –

  •         Choking of engine
  •         Engine faces a problem in revving up.
  •         The presence of debris in the fuel causes trouble.
  •         Fuel starts running out from the bottom of the carburetor.


  1. Spark plug wearing down

The ATV engine would start until and unless the spark plugs are not operational. The failure of even just one plug can lead to a noticeable problem. The engine would run roughly, start spitting and even sputter at the time of acceleration. With time, spark plugs start getting wears out, and also the lifespan of the engine gets decreased.

Spark plugs are meant for transmitting the electrical signals for igniting the air-fuel mixture. The experts suggest keeping a check on these spark plugs.

  1. Broken coolant seal

Coolant leaks are one of the prime reasons that can lead to engine problems. Hence, it is essential to fix this problem as soon as possible. Engine coolant is accountable for managing the engine's operating temperature. The engine will start performing badly if fuel isn't able to get vaporized. Vice versa, if the engine is hot, then the fuel starts getting combust on compression rather than a spark, which further leads to engine damage.  

There are specific symptoms that you should notice if there is a coolant leak.

  •         Engine overheating
  •         The occurrence of white smoke
  •         Formation of bubbles in the radiator.
  1. Damaged electrical wiring

When there is damaged electrical wiring, you will start smelling some burning odor. After this, the smoke starts coming out under the dash. It is advisable not to use solid wires that eventually break after there is a vibration in the car. Automotive-grade standard wire is known to be suitable for electrical wiring in ATVs.

Tips for maintaining ATV

ATVs are one of the most significant investments. The daily maintenance of your 110CC ATV becomes essential. It's not as difficult as it seems. Here are certain steps that you need to follow for maintaining ATVs.

  1.       Clean periodically

Are you also the one who drives ATV around town with mud sticks all over?

Such a condition brings a badge of honor. Hence, it is better to clean your ATV on a regular period. The presence of mud results in trapping the moisture that ruins the metal. The surface coating gets damaged. Moreover, the mud also affects the engine's performance by making their way to the air filter. Thus, vents and other parts are clogged up.

  1. Check for tire pressure and tread

ATVs are designed to be used on the terrain surface. Hence, you should always check the tire pressure to bring stability while driving an ATV.

  1. Fix cracks

Cracks and breaks are common in ATVs that occur when the ATV plastics start drying out with time. Fixing the issue is not that difficult, you can buy new plastic parts.

  1. Repair damaged electrical wiring

If there is an issue with electrical wiring, then you have a serious job to do. A short circuit can occur anytime a conductor touches the body of a car. According to skilled professionals, you shouldn't use wire nuts, avoid electrical tape, go for soldering, and can also use a new spade-lug connector.

  1. Keep radiator cap in good condition

The role of the radiator cap is to maintain the right pressure inside the radiator. If the cap is not maintained correctly, it can lead to severe damage. Whenever you find a leaking coolant, overflowing reservoir, the collapse of the radiator hose, overheated engine, and others in your 110CC ATV check the radiator cap.

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