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Safety Precautions To Follow Before Riding A Bike

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Love the adrenaline rush you get when you first throttle the engine of your motorsport bike; some would say there is no greater feeling than. It is not just a bike for many, but a road companion. For every biker, there is some unfathomable emotion they attain while riding. If you ride a 250CC Dirt Bike or a 500CC sport one, riding with safety is paramount. It is fundamental that riders, at ALL TIMES, take necessary safety precautions when riding. Why take the chance? Here are a few safety measures to ensure your safety:


Contrary to popular belief, shorts and t-shirt paired with sandals are not proper riding apparel. Even jeans would provide more protection against injury. A bike rider should never leave home without his helmet. The helmet should be DOT (the Federal Government's Department of Transportation) approved Helmet. At Venom Motorsports, you can get one that would protect against accidents, and besides, our helmet is made while maintaining the level of style. Get yourself one, with this link.

Don’t Forget The ‘ABC Quick Check’

Before you decide to ride off on your 125CC Dirt Bike or any other road companion, give a quick check to the overall bike condition to be confident that it’s safe to ride. You can use the ABC Quick Check for bikers:

Air- checking tires is paramount, since there would be a severe accident if something happened to them. when pressed with your thumb examine if the air is accurate.

Brakes- inspect if your brake pads aren’t worn out because if they are, you should first get them replaced and then start riding. Ensure that you are able to fit your thumb between the brake levers and the handlebars when brakes are squeezed hard.

Chain, Crank & Cassette- Make sure that the chain is running smoothly. It should be lightly oiled and free of rust and gunk. If any rust is there, clean it first.

Quick Release- If your bike has quick release wheels, ensure the release levers are securely closed.

Check- As you start riding, pay attention for any rubbing, grinding or clicking noises that might indicate something isn’t working correctly. If encountered with anything get it checked by a professional.

Keep a tab on the forecast

Weather is a regular impede to pleasant driving conditions and dangers the increases the bars with wet or icy roads when traveling on a 250CC Dirt Bike or any other two-wheelers for instance. With such weather condition, there is a lack of visibility which is a rider’s worst nightmare. Therefore, it is recommended to check the weather reports before leaving your home for a safe ride.  

Picking your ride

If you are about to buy your first bike ever or coming back from a long break from riding, there is a chance that you’d be amazed by the level of performance today’s bikes deliver.  The motor beasts are becoming powerful, compact and faster. Pick the one that fit your specific needs and charters with your capabilities.  

At Venom Motorsports, we have an extensive assortment of bikes you can get your hands on. We have a collection of bikes for anyone who is enthusiastic about riding on the roads. From beginners to experts, there is a Venom motorbike for all. From 125CC TAOTAO DIRT BIKE to 250CC DIRT BIKE, we’ve got it all!  Get ready to throttleclick this link to see your options.

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