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Read This Before Buying Pocket Bike For Your Kid

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Pocket Bikes have become popular among riders of different generations. Since their inception in the late 1940s, pocket bikes have been continuously evolving to become safer and more reliable.

From the Doodle Bug Scooter to gas and electric ATVs or quad bikes, pocket bikes have traveled a long way! Pocket bikes, as of now, is being used for various purposes - parents are buying them as a gift for their kids, teens are getting more experience through pocket bikes, professional racers of pocket bikes are making money by winning Minimoto tournaments, and many such others.

Buying the right pocket bike can be a bit overwhelming, considering the number of options available in the market. Before beginning with top tips of choosing the right pocket bike, let’s see why the thrill of riding pocket bikes is so hyped up!

The Thrill Of Riding Pocket Bikes

Why do people like riding? One of the many reasons is because it feels liberating. Riding, in general, has a long list of benefits - mental peace, health benefits, weight loss, adrenaline rush, and many more.

The name - pocket bikes or mini bikes, comes from the fact that these bikes are 3/4th scaled down version of their original counterparts. Imagine riding a bike with a seat height of merely 55cm at a speed of about 40-50kmph!

Besides the normal bikes, we have dirt bikes, mini electric ATVs for kids, moped scooters, and whatnot! All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) can help you navigate through wet, dry or rocky areas. Dirt Bikes are made to rally you through dirt and such terrains. The thrill of riding pocket bikes is real and for having a wholesome experience, you need to choose the right pocket bike.

Follow These Tips To Choose The Right Pocket Bike

No matter whether it’s for you or your kid, choosing the right pocket bike is important. Mentioned below are a few top factors you should consider when choosing a pocket bike for your kid.

  • Age and Height
  • No matter which product you have in mind, there is always an age and height restriction mentioned in its description. Considering this factor, you will be able to filter the kind of pocket bikes you are planning for your kid.

    For instance, you shouldn’t gift a pocket bike built for teens (14-16 years) to your 12-year old kid. It can be really dangerous.

  • Engine(Electric or Gas)
  • The engine of a pocket bike is an important thing to consider when buying a pocket bike. For instance, there is Lithium-Ion Electric Dirt Bike Motocross 500 Watts 36 Volts as well as 110 cc dirt bikes for kids.

    Electric bikes have lesser maximum speed than the gas-fueled bikes. If you are buying the first bike for your kid, you could go for electric bikes which are a lot quieter and a bit slower than gas-fueled bikes. If you want more speed and stronger engines, gas-fueled bikes are the one to go!

  • Is It Street Legal?
  • This is important. Before buying, make sure to contact local DMV whether a particular pocket bike is street legal or not. This will prevent your kid from getting into trouble when riding a pocket bike.

  • Safety First
  • No matter what make sure your kid takes all the safety precaution when riding a pocket bike. Ask him/her to wear all the necessary gear and follow all the rules when operating their pocket bike.

  • Choose The Right Dealer
  • Since there are no manufacturing guidelines or checkpoints, you should make sure to choose the right dealer of pocket bikes for an overall good buying experience. Read online customer reviews about a dealer before purchasing their product.

    There are many such tips you can follow to make sure that the pocket bike riding experience for you or your kid turns out to be positive. Venom Motorsports has over a decade of experience dealing in super pocket bikes, mini bikes, mini ATVs, quads, dirt bikes, etc. Got any more questions? Call at 1-855-984-1612 or fill this form to reach out to us today!

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