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Planning to ride ATV in the dunes? Safety tips to follow

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One of the best things about ATVs is that they are not confined to tracks only. All-Terrain Vehicles, as the name suggests, can be used on different types of terrains because of its build quality, unique tiers, and easily controllable handlebars. Although ATVs can be used at any place, if you want to increase the thrill of riding your ATV by many folds then you should not miss taking your favorite ATV to the dunes. Yes, ATVs can be used on dunes also. But riding ATV in dunes is completely different from any other terrain and therefore, there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind.

How riding an ATV in dunes different from normal roads?

Riding your ATV in the sand is a completely different experience than the normal riding areas which consists of tracks that are built according to the ATV. You will never get the same grip on your tiers and even handling becomes a bit tough in the dunes because the sand holds down your ATV. You will need to put more effort in steering your ATV and that’s why riding in dunes poses a tough challenge to even some of the expert ATV riders

In addition to all the riding challenges, you will also have to deal with razorbacks that are quite common in the dunes.

Mistakes that you should avoid while riding in the desert

One of the biggest mistakes made by novice ATV riders while riding in the desert is that they never prepare their machines for the sand. Sand seems to stick everywhere and because they consist of very tiny particles, they can easily enter your engine and that will result in a disaster for your ATV.

 In addition to this, taking a heavy ATV in the dunes is another silly mistake. If you will take a heavy ATV in the dunes then instead of floating on the surface, you will be bogged down with unnecessary weight and that will make your ride very difficult. Venom motorsports sell lightweight ATVs that are perfect for riding in the dunes. Along with ATVs, Venom motorsports also deals in gas powered pocket bikes for sale and electric super pocket bikes for sale.

Safety tips for hassle-free riding


Jumping in the air with your ATV in the dunes must be your favorite part of sand riding but to maintain the safety while catching the air is to use a spotter. You will see many riders spotting when you are at the dunes.


Many times, you will wish to move to the other side of the dune and if you don’t have a spotter then you will have to drive towards the dune at the shallow age. This will allow you to peak over the flags of other riders and even the rider coming from the different side of the dune will be able to see your flag.


Wearing a helmet is a no-brainer in dunes. You should always buy a quality helmet which will not let even a single sand granule to pass through. In addition to this, you should also get a four or five-point harness. Three-point seat belts indeed provide ultimate safety but while riding the dunes, you will have to be extra cautious and that’s why you need to upgrade to four or five-point harness.


It might be one of the most obvious safety tips for a hassle-free riding but many people overlook it. Following traffic rules becomes paramount if you are riding your ATV with various other drivers. Most of the dunes attract the crowd at the steeper side and therefore, you will have to be extra careful at these crowded spots of dunes.


Flags are one of the most obvious additions to your ATV while riding in the dunes. If you don’t want to collide with another ATV drive coming from the other side of the dune then you will need to use a flag. You will also need to use flashlights to make yourself visible to others when the sun goes down. Using flashlights that changes color is super fun.


Riding your ATV in the dunes gives you an adrenaline rush and most of the people cross the speed limit in an excited state. You should know that each dune spot has a speed limit and you should never cross that if you want to stay safe.

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