Know The Interesting Facts About Electric 4 Wheeler

Know The Interesting Facts About Electric 4 Wheeler

Often a staple in southern childhoods, the four-wheeler. The staple had oil filters and usually needed gas to run. But now, in our current day, there are electric four wheelers. This means that you only need to plug it in to charge it. It comes out to less gas money and a higher electric bill, but it’s still a nice trade, especially for the environment. With it being electric, the torque is pretty much available immediately so that you can start up from idle fairly quickly. Keep in mind, that the horsepower will diminish gradually, but that’s the only offset to these vehicles. These new types of four-wheelers also come with a near quiet motor, can go a distance of forty to fifty-five kilometers, and have a top speed from twenty to thirty-five miles per hour. It’s charge time usually ranges from four to six hours.


  • The Batteries

There are two types of batteries, lithium and lead acid. Lead acid is more common because they are cheaper, although they have a short life span. Lithium batteries are more expensive but last a lot longer than lead acid batteries. Depending on what you need, either a battery immediately, or maybe save up a little longer to make sure that you have a battery that lasts like the lithium battery. They come in a range from six to eight twelve volt, and as mentioned earlier, usually take four to six hours to charge. 

Because there are so many batteries, that’s where the weight of the vehicle will come from. So, they are a bit heavier than the gas type four-wheelers, but worth it in terms of saving money. Now, for a kids four wheeler, there are options for a parent key to limit speeds to four, twelve, or eighteen miles per hour. Also, for a kids 4 wheeler, there are some with a differential system that splits the torque, so as to maintain a safe environment for the kids. 

  • The Cost

Electric 4-wheelers can be expensive. Usually, they will range from $900- $2200 for the cheaper ones and $7000- $12,000. The specifics on the difference of price really just depend on the number of batteries in the vehicle and the resulting overall weight. Cheap four-wheelers will usually consist of a lead-acid battery, so a lot less weight, a little bit less driving distance than the more expensive electric four-wheelers, and less top speed.

 But some models still come with the parent key to limit speeds. The more expensive ones will have lithium batteries, and a lot of them, and will also provide more horsepower, a better top speed that can range from 25-35 miles per hour, and a longer ride time ranging from two and a half to three hours. So, depending on what you need and when you need it, is which one would be the best for you.

  • The Environment

Four-wheelers are also called ATV, which stands for All-Terrain Vehicles. So, this just means that they can be used in almost all types of environments. Electric four-wheelers can be used in the rougher types of terrain. The types that usually could only be handled on foot. The climbing ability can range from twenty-five degrees to forty-five degrees. It depends on the build that makes the climbing ability so high, so if it’s skinnier, then it will be able to do the higher degree climbs than a larger built one. Some also come with a hydraulic braking system and brake sensor to make it easier to brake gently in extreme conditions.

  • Conclusion

Electric four-wheelers are the perfect addition for the family. They have cost-friendly batteries like lead-acid, and more expensive batteries like lithium with the advantage of having a longer battery life. With ranges from $900--$12,000 for the expensive ones. They can go in all types of terrain, including extreme terrain, depending on the build of the vehicle. They have many other different types of qualities that separate them from the regular four wheelers. This includes a quiet motor, a parental key to limit speeds for the kids, and different climbing abilities from twenty-five degrees to forty-five degrees.