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How e-bikes Have Been Helping Improve Health and Fitness?

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Technology has played a major role in changing and modifying most of the products which we use daily, and one such product is a bicycle. How Tesla completely modified the automobile industry with its electric cars, in the same way, the bicycle industry has now been redefined through electric bicycles. The popularity of e-bikes is growing dramatically. Now, it's a favorite choice amongst those who care for the environment and don’t want to spend a fortune on fuel.  So, let’s look at e-bikes in a particular way and understand its function, benefits, and uses.

 What are E-bikes?

One of the most common perceptions of e-bikes is that it is like an electric motorcycle, but in actuality, it is completely different from an electric motorcycle. An e-bike is just like any other normal bicycle with added electrical components like a motor, controller, and battery. All these components are integrated into the design of a normal bicycle perfectly. You should know that electric bikes pedal and handle just like any other normal bicycle, and it uses similar parts as well.

You might be thinking that the electric components must be replacing the human power entirely, but that’s not true as the electric components of an e-bike augment human power. With the help of the added electrical parts, you will be able to go through difficult obstacles like hills and mountain seamlessly and travel more without getting exhausted.

Why prefer e-bikes over other bikes?

There are many advantages of choosing an e-bike over a normal bike and here are some of them:-

  • The pedal-assist system of the e-bikes powered by the electric machines gives your pedals a boost, and that’s why you have less impact on your knees and thighs. This allows people of all ages and health condition to ride comfortably and cover longer distances, including hills and high terrains without worrying about getting exhausted.
  • Through the electrical system of these bicycles, you can attain a much faster speed with little effort, and that’s what most of the bicyclists want from their ride. But even with a faster speed, you can take advantage of the cycle lanes and make your way through without much hassle.
  • In comparison to the normal bikes, the amazing e-bikes come in a wide range of colors and design, and that’s why most of the people love owning an e-bike. You might not get as many colors, design and looks in your normal bicycle as you get in the e-bikes.

Health benefits of driving e-bikes

Many people have concerns regarding the health benefits of e-bikes and therefore, the scientists at Switzerland based University of Base conducted a research and found out that driving an e-bike is as beneficial as normal bikes. So if you are looking to improve fitness then even while driving an e-bike, you will get the same result. Another study conducted at Appalachian State University Study, 2010 shows that riding any bicycle, including the e-bikes boosts the body defence by up to 50 per cent. So by riding an e-bike, you won’t only be enhancing your strength, but you will also be boosting your body’s defense mechanism.

Tips to benefit maximum out of your bike cycling

Following are the different ways of maximizing your benefits from cycling:-

  • You should ride in bigger gears in the same cadence in a particular set of conditions to boost your performance and get better results. Like, if you are riding in a local hill with a combination of 34 X19, then you can increase your gearing to 34 X 17 for four minutes.
  • If you wish to enhance your muscular endurance, then you should try to ride uphill. This type of approach is effective because cyclists tend to increase the average effective pedal force when riding uphill.
  • If you are living in flatlands, then riding uphill is not going to work for you and that’s why you can ride into the winds to get similar results.

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