Everything You Need To Know About VENOM E-Grizzly Electric ATV

Everything You Need To Know About VENOM E-Grizzly Electric ATV

Electric ATVs have taken over the automobile market in a very convenient way, with adults demanding electric bikes for local sports, trailing for fun, etc. An ATV, better known as an all-terrain-vehicle, is a simplified auto option, available in two-wheelers and quad-wheeler forms and is conveniently suitable for children as well as adults. Electric ATV for adults aims at providing a seamless riding experience as it does not have a complex engine mechanism and usually comes with a two-stroke engine with automatic transmission. 

As electric vehicles are near to become the future of the automobile industry, purchasing an electric ATV could be an efficient decision for the near future. This poses not only as an eco-friendly alternative to the current industry but also reduces your spendings on fuel, therefore becoming a much cheaper option at this time.

Most ATV manufacturers have shifted their focus from manual automobiles to electric automobiles due to the rising concerns of greenhouse gas emissions and keeping in mind that the latter is becoming a popular alternative among their target audience. Electric ATV for adults are designed in a four-wheel framework to ensure stability and steady handling. 

Benefits Of Electric ATVs

Powerful yet silent- electric ATVs are the best alternative to fuel-emitting bikes that not only demands high maintenance but also calls in for additional efforts, be it in handling the heavy framework, kickstarting the bike, etc. Let’s explore a few pros of owning an electric ATV - 

  • No emission, no harm - As the name suggests, these ATVs run on an electric power supply which means you’d not be contributing anything harmful to Mother Nature. Battery-powered alternatives are considered the future of the automobile industry and you can start it early by capitalizing on the opportunity today. 
  • Economical - Having to fuel up your ATV can be very expensive- thanks to the introduction of electric ATVs that have lowered the fuel cost to literally zero, other than the standard maintenance that the ATV requires. Fueling an electric ATV has become convenient as you may find electric auto chargers in many locations, which ensure a high-performing ride with utmost joy.
  • Handling and stability - Unlike standard ATVs, an electric ATV for adults possess a slightly light framework that guarantees minimal ill-handling and convenience while riding. Further, the engine of the electric ATV makes a very low noise, which helps the biker to concentrate much more easily and simultaneously enjoy the ride!

  • Having that said, let’s discuss the characteristics of VENOM E-Grizzly Electric ATV- a unique and new model in the market!

    • Specifications - Venom has introduced a stunning model in the market that has a 1500W electric power supply and is designed for teens as well as adults. A quad-bike that can easily handle the pressure of a mid-size adult was a much-awaited model that has a 48v battery and guarantees longer than ever rides. You can choose from plenty of model variants, colored rims, rear and front frame support to get the extra load on it.

    • Upgrades with Venom - Manually maintaining the speedometer of your bike has become possible now as the new E-Grizzly ATV allows you to equip your bike with two-speed modes- plug the speed governor to maintain a low-speed range throughout your journey, or unplug it and accelerate till 20mph with joy. You can also upgrade the ATV’s rear and front suspensions to absorb surface shock and ensure a steady landing. Further, the tires of your ATV can be changed too, in case your ATV will only be ridden in hilly surface areas.

    • Top features - The E-Grizzling Electric ATV comes with new and top-notch features that make it a popular choice among adults. It offers a seamlessly quiet engine mechanism that runs on a 48V lead-acid battery. Speed governors, hydraulic brake systems, vibrant LED headlights, and signal lights, empowered with an overall framework with the choice of your color. 

    Why choose Venom Motorsports?

    With the increasing concern over the climatic changes and the health of our environment, it is safe to say that the automobile industry is shifting towards battery-powered alternatives. Following the trail, Venom Motorsports empowers its target audience with electric ATVs and quad-bikes that can be ridden in off-road surfaces, hilly areas, and a wide array of other terrains where you can have fun and thrill. At Venom, you can get to know each and every detail about your future bike as our experts love to simplify your purchase journey and take it to the final step of buying! Buying an ATV could be hard, considering you have numerous options before you, therefore, we urge you to allow us to untangle the overall process and help you find the best deal!