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Why Are Dirt Bikes So Tall?

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Dirt bikes are one of the favorite vehicles for race and adventure buffs. The unique mechanism of dirt bikes makes it perfect for riding on uneven surfaces and also for performing amazing stunts. Riding a dirt bike can be an amazing adrenaline rush and that’s why people prefer it. From cheap and easy to maintain electric dirt bikes to powerful and versatile gas dirt bikes, you have many options. But have you ever thought why dirt bikes are so tall? Well, let’s try to understand it through this blog post.

Why does a Dirt Bike need to Be Tall?

One of the main reasons behind dirt bikes being tall is that they are used on rough and uneven terrain and that’s why they need to have proper ground clearance. Unlike standard bikes, dirt bikes are rarely used on smooth roads and with lower parts touching the ground, you will always be prone to accident and your dirt bike will wear very easily. If your feet easily rest on the ground after getting on a dirt bike, then it means that the dirt bike is very small for you. Similarly, if your feet dangle, then the dirt bike is too large for you.

The Higher the CC, The Bigger the Bike

You should know that the power of a dirt bike is directly related to its size. If a dirt bike is very powerful, then it will be bigger as well. This is why the common 50cc to 110cc dirt bikes are not very tall and a kid can easily control them. In a 50cc dirt bike, the mini versions of engine and frames are used, so that kids can use them without any safety risk and without any inconvenience. This is why you should always think about whether the power of the dirt bike that you are going to buy will be manageable or not.

Raising or Lowering the Seat Height

It is true that after sitting on a 125CC TAOTAO dirt bike, your feet should easily touch the ground but not so much that you are resting flat footed. If the heightheight of your seat is ideal, then only the balls of your feet should touch the ground to maintain the balance. You can also lower down the heightheight of your seat by trimming down the foam below the seat or you can also add lowering link to the bike. Both these methods of lowering down the seat are not only effective and easy, but they are economical as well. By adjusting the seat height, the rider will be able to sit perfectly on the bike and have enough ground clearance.

Proper Sizing of a Dirt Bike

The proper sizing of a idvenrot bike is based on the below mentioned chart. By using this chart, you can choose the different options of CC according to the age of the rider and the height of the seat

Age and Height of the rider

Height of the seat


5- 7 years

17 inches to 21 inches

50cc, 70cc, 80cc, 90cc

8-10 years

21 inches to 28 inches

50cc to 110cc

10-12 years

26 inches to 32 inches

110cc or 125cc

5 feet 2 inches - 5 feet 8 inches

32 inches to 38 inches

125cc, 150cc or 250cc

5 feet 8 inches – 6 feet

35 inches to 39 inches

250cc, 350cc, or 400cc

How to Pick the Right Sized Dirt Bike for Your Age?

In order to pick the right sized dirt bike, you will have to consider your height, experience, and ease of managing power. Choosing the right level of power that you can manage over rough terrain will allow you to pick the right sized bikes since power is directly related to the size and height of dirt bikes.

If you are picking up a dirt bike for your kid, then you will need to choose a mini version of the dirt bike that comes with less power. A 50cc bike has the perfect height and size for your kid. But if you are buying a dirt bike for yourself and if you are around 6 feet, then you should go for a 500cc dirt bike.

The more the power of the bike, the larger it will be. In order to enjoy your ride on a dirt bike, you will need to pick the right size. From 50cc to 500cc, there are many options for dirt bikes available in the market. Consider the height and experience of the rider before choosing the size of the 125CC TAOTAO dirt bike.

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