Are 50cc Four-Wheelers A Good Idea Or Not?


In just a short span of time, quads or four-wheelers have become one of the most demanding motorsports of the modern era. Whether you are looking forward to offering a driving experience to your kids or planning to go on an adventure trip in the jungles, quads are surely the best option. You will be surprised to know that due to the growing popularity of four-wheelers in the market, its market size reached 2.5 billion dollars in the year 2018.

But if you are planning to buy a 50cc four-wheeler, then you will have to look at both the negative and positive aspects of this purchase and this is what we are going to cover in this blog post in a very detailed manner.

Go through the pros and cons of buying a 50cc four-wheeler in this blog post.


They are inexpensive compared to scooters with larger engines

If you are dangling between the choice of scooter and a four-wheeler, then you should go with a four-wheeler as they not only prove to be easy on your pocket but come with larger engines as well. You can easily find a decent four-wheeler on the online platform in your limited budget although that will be really difficult in the case of a scooter.

It will not be an ideal choice to settle on a high price and small engine as it will hamper your riding experience. You will get many options in the four-wheeler category as its market is quite big.

They can operate on all kinds of fuel

The rising price of fuels is one of the biggest concerns for all motorsports owners but if you will be a proud owner of a four-wheeler then you can deal with this issue in an economical manner. You should know that unlike normal motorsports, four-wheelers can be easily used on all kinds of fuel. This means that even when the fuel price will be rising, you will have multiple options to choose from.

They are easy to ride, especially for beginners

If you are new to the world of driving, then you will have to make the right selection in terms of motorsports as all the vehicles out there are not ideal for beginners. Luckily, four-wheelers are not only economical but they are easy to ride and handle. Even the experts recommend beginning your journey of driving through easy to ride options like four-wheelers.

This is another reason why four-wheelers are considered ideal for kids as well. Teaching kids how to ride a vehicle through a four-wheeler will not only be easy but it will be a lot safer as well.


They lack power

You should know that the cubic capacity or what is more popularly known as CC is the direct representation of the power of the bike. Well, since all the four-wheelers are easy to control and handle, they don’t have that much power. But this acts as an advantage for you, if you are not looking to use your four-wheeler like a 220 cc standard bike.

The power provided by these four-wheelers is enough for hunting, jungle trips, camping, riding different terrains, and much more. You don’t need much power for all these activities.

They lack speed

If you are planning to fly on the roads with your four-wheeler, then you will need to reconsider your thoughts. Four wheelers are not meant for speed since they are not considered ideal to be used as a high speed vehicle. But again, it will give you enough speed to enjoy your amazing ride without getting involved in an accident.

You should know that the average speed of a four-wheeler is around 50mph but it all depends upon the type of four-wheeler you are choosing as there are many options. The speed can also vary on the basis of the category you are choosing; kids or adults.

Just like the 50cc four-wheeler, every vehicle has its own advantage and disadvantage and this is why whether to buy it or not comes down to your personal preference. Use this blog post as your guide while buying an ideal 50cc four-wheeler.