5 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Next ATV Ride

5 Tips to Make the Most out of Your Next ATV Ride

Most ATV enthusiasts opine that riding an ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle is a liberating and exhilarating experience. ATVs are big and powerful machines that are apt for the weekend trailblazing in the outdoors. However, one should be very careful while riding ATVs because they do not have the protection shield offered by cars. 

No matter whether you are planning a hunting trip or a fun riding experience with your family, you have to follow some safety rules to ensure that your ride is safe and exciting. If you are looking to buy a mini ATV for your children for the next family outing, we have electric ATV for kids that is easy to handle and has safety features to ensure the safety of your little ones. 

How to Enjoy Your ATV Ride the Most

The first task before your first ATV ride is to get proper training. Many ATV training schools teach the basics of riding. These schools equip riders with all the essential riding tips such as how to navigate the control, how to read the terrain, and how to ride in different terrains. 

Buying the right size ATV is another key factor that defines your riding experience. These bikes are available in a range of models, sizes and engine capacities. Venom Canada has various models of ATVs such as electric ATV for adults and kids, TAO TAO ATV, Gas ATVs etc. 

Choose a model depending on your experience, height, weight and age. We recommend ATVs with lower engine sizes for beginners. If you are new to ATV riding, buy a bike with 110 cc engine. These are easier to control and less challenging. We have mini youth ATV for sale, which is an ideal pick for teens and young adults. You can buy ATVs with higher engine sizes as you practice and gain experience. ATVs with engine sizes of 250cc and more are for experienced riders. 

To enjoy your ride to the fullest, it is important to wear the right riding gear. Riding gear like helmet, gloves, goggles, boots and long sleeves keep you safe and improve the ride quality.  Invest in quality gear that fits you properly. 

ATVs are heavy machines that require proper care and handling to ensure the safety of the riders. Here are some safety tips for beginners as well as pros. 

Check for These Pointers Before You Ride ATV

  • Inspect Before You Ride

  • Inspect the bike before you ride every time you take it out. Inspect parts like headlights, taillights, brakes, tires, gears and controls. Ensure that all of them are in working condition. Also, check the cables and connections and look for any loose connections due to wear and tear. If you are riding an electric ATV for adults, inspect the battery and make sure it is charged. If you notice any wear and tear in any of the parts, immediately get them fixed. Do not ride the ATV until everything is right.  If any of the components are to be replaced, make sure to buy them for a reputed vendor. We have a wide range of genuine spare parts for ATVs. 

  • Obey The Rules 

  • It is utmost important to obey the rules to ensure your safety and the safety of other riders on the road. Never ride your ATV on paved roads. It is an off-road bike and should be used for that purpose. Moreover, it is illegal in some countries to ride ATVs on roads. Educate yourself with the laws of your state. 

    Never drink or do drugs before riding your ATV. Like all other vehicles, riding an ATV requires full attention and control. Hence it is essential to stay sober during your rides. Also, put all other distractions such as mobile phones away. 

    Do not try stunts on your ATV. Always place both hands and feet on the vehicle. Place your feet on the footpegs and hands on the handles. 

    Do not make any modifications to the seat or overload the vehicle. If the ATV is suitable for a single rider, do not add extra passengers. If you are planning a fun ride with the family, buy electric ATV for kids for your children to enjoy their own ride. We also have a youth ATV for sale for preteens and young adults.  However, ensure that the law in your country allows children to ride an ATV.  Train your children beforehand and supervise them when they are riding.

  • Maintain Common Courtesy While Riding

  • Maintaining common courtesy is important to ensure that your fellow riders are not disturbed. Do not stop in the middle of the track for selfies and photographs, do not obstruct the way and stay sober while riding. 

    Although it is fun to ride at high speeds, watch your speed while riding. As you are most likely to ride on bumpy and muddy roads, high speed may make it a risky proposition for you and other riders.  

  • Get Your Bikes Serviced

  • Regular servicing ensures that your bikes are in good condition and lasts for a long time. Choose an experienced and reliable mechanic to service your bikes. You can also get them serviced at the dealer’s garage. Ensure that the mechanic uses genuine spare parts, whenever there are some replacements.  

    Buy branded ATVs from reputed companies to enjoy your experience to the fullest. We have TAO TAO ATV, Venom ATVs and Honda ATVs for sale at attractive prices. 

    Always inspect your bike before every ride, follow the driving rules and stay sober during the rides. Supervise children while riding and buy ATVs that suit your personality and riding experience. Riding an ATV is fun provided you follow the safety rules.