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2 strokes vs. 4-stroke dirt bikes: Know the difference

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Dirt bikes are one of the most popular motor vehicles among all those riders who love fun, adventure and thrill. Instead of riding on plain surfaces, these lightweight motor vehicles are used on an uneven surface. In many parts of the world, dirt bikes are used to perform some of the most mind-blowing stunts which are almost impossible with any other type of motor vehicle.

All the dirt organs and material are chosen specially by keeping the difficulties of riding on an even surface in mind. Every adventure loving rider has one thing in common and that is their love for dirt bikes. But when it comes to the choice of engine in dirt bikes, then you will find two separate groups. The debate of which type of engine is better for dirt bikes can spur many arguments as both two stroke and four stroke engines have their own pros and cons. But you should know that choosing between two stoke and four stroke dirt bike is all about personal preference.

Even if you are going to buy your first dirt bike for riding the specially designed tracks or the rocky mountain slopes, it becomes necessary for you to get familiar with two strokes and four stroke dirt bike. Knowing the difference between these two options will help you in choosing the right dirt bike.

Why are dirt bikes on the top of every bike fanatics list?

As discussed in the outset of this blog, all the dirt bikes are very lightweight and this is what riders like about their stylish dirt bikes. Because of the light weight of the dirt bike, it can do many things which are almost unimaginable for any other type of bike. Whether you want to climb a steep slope of a mountain or ride the uneven tracks of riding areas, dirt bikes are the best choice for all the adventurous riding activities. This is why bike fanatics love dirt bikes.

Types of dirt bikes

Two stroke dirt bikes

A two stroke dirt bike consists of a two stroke engine in which the whole combustion cycle is complete with just a single piston stroke. This single piston stroke includes a compression stroke that is followed by an explosion of the compression fuel. The fresh fuel goes to the cylinder when the exhaust is let out during the return stroke. The power in this type of engine is produced in every two stroke and that’s why it is known as two stroke engine. The engine fires and ignites the spark plug for each cycle of the crankshaft. In two-stroke dirt bikes, you have to use only those types of oil that comes pre-mixed with fuel. Venom motorsports sell some of the most affordable 2 stroke mini dirt bike.

Pros of two stroke dirt bikes

  • Extremely lightweight because of the unique mechanism of the engine.
  • Simple mechanism of engine which is very easy to understand and fix
  • Economical because of the use of cost-effective and simple engines
  • High top speed with more power
  • More torque at higher RPM

Cons of two stroke dirt bikes

  • More frequent maintenance and servicing
  • Difficult to ride and control
  • Requires more shifting

Four stroke dirt bikes

A four stroke mini dirt bikes for sale consists of four stroke engine that completes two strokes in every one revolution. These two strokes consist of one compression stroke and one exhaust stroke that are followed by a return stroke. In a four stroke engine, the spark plug fires once after each revolution and power is produced in every four stroke of the piston. It doesn’t require pre mixing of oil and fuel as it has a completely separate compartment for oil. The four stroke dirt bikes have a more complex engine mechanism than two stroke dirt bikes. The four main functions of a four stroke engine are combustion, exhaust, compression, and intake.

Pros of four stroke dirt bikes

  • More efficient since it consumes fuel once every 4 stroke
  • Smoother powerband which makes it perfect for beginners
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Perfect for racing
  • Quieter in comparison to four stroke engine
  • Environment friendly because the burnt oil is no released into the air
  • Durable

Cons of four stroke dirt bikes

  • Heavier because of complex engine system
  • Expensive
  • Repairing the engine of a four stroke dirt bikes is very complex and it will cost you more

The choice between a two stroke and four stroke dirt bike comes down to personal preference. If you want more power and lightweight engine then you should go with two stroke dirt bikes and if you want a durable and efficient engine then you should go with four stroke dirt bike.

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