The difference between the stock CDI chip and our upgraded performance CDI Chip.

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Here at Venom Motor Sports Canada, we get a lot of people asking about High Performance CDI chips. These are the upgraded chips that are available on our 2016 x19 Super Pocket Bike and some of our 50cc-125cc atv's and today we hope to answer some of your questions.

Firstly the term “CDI” is short for Capacitor Discharge Ignition. This type of ignition system is used on a large variety of motor sport vehicles. ATV’s, Dirt Bikes, Pocket Bikes and Motorcycles are all fitted with a “CDI” system.

The “CDI” regulates your engine timing and also controls the spark intensity of your ignition system. A high performance “CDI” will advance the engine timing allowing for higher low rpm torque and higher top end speeds.

The installation process is simple and the results are instantaneous. You simply unplug your old CDI, plug in your new High Performance CDI and bam! Just like magic your bike is now running so much better. It’s amazing to see! Your bike not only sounds more aggressive, but also runs smoother as well as giving you more power and speed. On the 2016 x19 Super pocket rocket it increased its top end speed by 10mph and also gave it a faster take off! Thats one of the main advantages of the high performance CDI chip!

So much power for such a low cost! They are available on our website for $34.99 and this includes a high performance coil as well! Click the link below:

Please review our “youtube” video below to see an actual comparison of a High Performance CDI to a stock CDI. Just click on the link below.

Our High performance CDI chip as tested is available on our website for $34.99. This includes free shipping! 


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