How the 2016 x15 rides and feels!

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It is one thing to look at pictures to try and imagine what it is like to drive the all new 2016 x15 super pocket bike and another thing to read about  Today we will be talking about how the actual drive of the x15 super pocket bike from Venom Motorsports Canada feels. The first thing you notice when you get to the bike is the actual finish of it...the way it looks sitting there waiting for you to turn it on and give it a ride and the actually feeling of the bike. The paint finish is exactly how a car is painted,it has a nice clear coat on top to protect it from scratches and give it a shiny fresh look. Sitting on it you find it is an easy bike to balance, not too heavy (it weighs a little over 100lb) and a great size for starters. Next you turn on the igniton ready to turn it on but before you do you notice the speedometer light up and and the front LED headlight turning on. The headlights in the front are bright LED bulbs, there is about 4 LED per headlight. They give it such an aggressive look, almost the same as the DUCATI 959. 

After seeing all that you get eager to turn it on! You engage the front right handle bar and press the electric start button located on the right side handle bar. Within a matter of seconds it starts and you head it roar. Sitting there idling especially when it is a cold start the engine purrs and the exhaust sounds deep. Letting it warm up you hear the tone getting softer - meaning it is ready to RIDE! The take off can either be smooth or rough... it really depends on how much you pull the throttle. If you pull it all the way it picks up fast with that deep tone coming back and reaches its top speed of 40-45mph in about 3.8 seconds. Yes it is fast! The high performance carburetor kit, fatty exhaust, upgraded CDI chip and of course the 90cc 4 stroke engine are what make it fast and a high performance bike!

Now after you had all the fun you sometimes want to relax and actually drive the bike at regular speeds and get the feel for it. This part might sound not fun but it truly is and you wont understand until you really drive this bike. Its really comfortable and you have to lean in slowly to get the best fitment, just like a real sports motorcycle. Your legs wrap around the gas tank giving you stability with the bike and to be honest it keeps you warm for those chilly evening rides (I am writing this article in September and it gets chilly in the evenings here). Cruising down the neighbourhood you really speak to the bike, you get to feel how it runs and operates and you also get to know it - by that i mean you get good at taking sharp turns, you know how to handle pot holes when they come out of no where and best of all you know when you can give her full throttle and when you can not.

The exhaust on the 2016 x15 super pocket bike is the cherry on top. The sound it makes when you let go of the throttle at high speeds and hear it rev down is unmatched. The exhaust makes this popping noise as it starts getting slower that really makes it sound like a performance exhaust....and the best part about it is its located under the bike for that high performance look!

We defiantly recommend the 2016 x15 Super Pocket bike. There is nothing else out there like it, the way it looks and feels, its size, and making it exclusive to Venom Motorsports Canada, its the best place to buy your pocket rocket motorcycles and bikes online. We have the best 24/7 customer service team to assist you with any questions you may have after your purchase, a free extended warranty on all our bikes, and the fastest delivery time!

Remember to be safe when riding your bike and to always wear a helmet. You can view the x18 pocket rocket on our website or by clicking this link:

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